Yard & Play

Create a safe and functional recreation space

Stop wasting money on lawn care. Make the switch today.

Durable, economical and safe

Safety, quality and aesthetics. You can have a durable but comfortable space for walking and running as well as a risk-free play environment for children. All of our products are regularly tested to ensure our artificial turf is completely nontoxic. Our turf is made without harmful chemicals, making it perfectly risk-free for pets and kids.

The reasons to convert to an artificial turf yard all add up

  • You can eliminate toxic fertilizers and pesticides
  • Your artificial turf yard will save you money over the long term
  • You’ll save water and conserve dwindling resources
  • Your yard will be stain, weather and odor resistant and UV protected
Turf in yard with pool

Select the perfect artificial turf product

A beautiful, low-maintenance lawn can be yours

  • N2N Ultra ONE-DNA™

    This 100% recyclable artificial turf is full-bodied and soft, consisting of a mix of light and darker green piles.
  • N2N Luxury ONE-DNA™

    This luxurious grass features a green root zone and has a very natural look. This sustainably produced grass is made of 100% PE, which means it can be completely recycled.
  • N2N Leisure

    A more natural look is achieved with a brown thatch. Medium height and soft touch for a truly unique look.
  • N2N Landscape

    An ideal artificial turf choice for numerous lawn applications. Full, lifelike quality with a lower height than our other products.