Pet & Play

A pet-friendly turf solution

Keeps your yard continually fresh and beautiful day after day.

A year-round surface that your four-legged friends will love

Tired of bare spots, dead patches and muddy areas? This kid- and pet-friendly artificial turf features a strong, silky quality with shorter full-body fibers, making it soft on paws and easy to clean while providing excellent wear tolerance. The perfect choice for outdoor “pee pads” or entire yards. Swift cleanup is simple with a quick rinse.

The reasons to convert to an artificial turf yard all add up

  • Allows drainage for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • A lower pile stays cool and allows air to circulate
  • Nontoxic material eliminates allergies to grass and eating grass.

Select the perfect artificial turf product

Pet-formulated turf options for superior look and wear

N2N Pet

With strong and shorter full-body fibers, this pet-friendly artificial turf make a great year-round surface for every member of the family.

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