Colorado’s Tall Fescue

Colorado’s Tall Fescue

Colorado’s Fescue is a dark green, turf-type variety of tall fescue that has proven its hardiness in extreme climates with cold winters and hot summers. This semi-dwarf, fine textured grass is lowermaintenance and lower-growing than traditional bluegrass. This variety is extremely shade-tolerant and has strong insect and disease resistance. After establishment, Colorado’s Fescue needs much less water than traditional bluegrass. It is well adapted to a wide variety of soil types, requiring low to medium nitrogen fertilizer applications only 3 times a year.

During the more aggressive growing months, this grass only needs to be mowed once every 1 to 2 weeks. Tall fescue is suitable for use in lower use home lawns, commercial areas, parks, and golf course roughs where wear tolerance and water conservation are a consideration.


Low Mowing Requirements

Drought Tolerance

Shade Tolerance


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