Artificial Grass Installation


We have the experience and expertise to install artificial turf products for both residential and commercial customers. From small to big lawns, to even the most ambitious of landscaping projects, we have the know-how to recommend and install the best possible turf for your project. Expert designers are waiting to help transform your lawn, playground, and much more into a perpetually beautiful, low maintenance landscape for any season. Our dedicated team can help with each step of the process from the initial design to installation and beyond.


Groundwork Artificial Grass


Our team meticulously plans and prepares the ground and sub base for installation. Great care and precision go into the process of excavation and compaction, ensuring that the turf is laid on a flat, stable foundation with adequate drainage capability.

Fitting Artificial Grass


In order to achieve the best possible results, artificial turf is laid in the precise orientation to ensure that the edges of the turf extend all the way to the borders – no gaps or bare spots. Ground pins are used to secure edges.

Seams Artificial Grass


In most settings, two (or more) pieces of turf must be joined together. Obviously, that has to be done in a way that hides the seams from view. Getting this right requires precision and close attention to small details. When done correctly, the seams are hardly visible and do not come apart over time.

Sanding Artificial Grass

Sand Infill

The next step in the process is applying the sand infill. Sand infill is used for different reasons. It adds stability to the carpet, it gives the fibers extra support, and it adds to the natural look of the lawn. There are special infill choices for pets that help reduce odors while still fulfilling the critical role of traditional infill.

Brushing Artificial Grass


The last step is brushing the carpet. With a special powerbrush the sand is brushed into the carpet. This final grooming also brushes the fibers upright for a perfect finish.

Seams Artificial Grass

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