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Tired of the wear and tear to your property caused by pets: muddy paws, loose gravel, bare spots and dead patches? Our special pet-friendly turf is designed specifically for homes with pets. The drainage capabilities of our custom turf systems keep your yard cleaner with less maintenance. No divots, no brown spots, and increased safety for the two-legged members of the family. Our pet-optimized turf keeps your yard more beautiful over time.

Our pet-formulated turf options feature premium manufacturing materials for superior looks and increased longevity. The shorter, denser blade construction makes cleaning and maintaining your yard or property much easier than natural grass and provides excellent drainage capability for added cleanliness and appeal.

Dogs & Pets

Pet owners always want to know if artificial turf is suitable for pets, particularly dogs. Is it safe? Is it easy to keep clean? These and other factors should be considered when deciding whether to install artificial turf. The short answers to the above questions are simple: turf is perfectly suitable for pets and it is very easy to keep clean – much more so than a yard with natural grass. Your house will be cleaner, too, with no dirt or mud tracked in on messy paws!

Benefits of Artificial Turf for Dogs

Dogs tend to favor turf over natural grass. They like it because it is often softer on their paws than grass, and it feels good to roll over in the sun. It does not retain water, even shortly after a heavy rain, due to its run-off and drainage capabilities. Their humans like turf because it means saying goodbye to bare patches. Swift cleanup is necessary to avoid odors, but a simple rinse is usually all it takes.


Safety is equally as important to Next 2 Natural Turf as quality and aesthetics. All our products are regularly tested to ensure our artificial turf is completely nontoxic. Is it harmless to lay on? Is it gentle on the paws? Yes, our turf is made without harmful chemicals, making it perfectly risk-free for pets and kids. It also does not require chemical treatments or fertilizers to maintain its health.

Play Safe

Nothing is more important than the safety of our children and helping to create a risk-free playing environment for them is our primary concern at Next 2 Natural. Once you have selected the ideal play set, it’s time to consider the surface beneath. You want something durable but comfortable for walking and running, and you want something that can help reduce injuries. Let us help you discover your options for padding, infill, and artificial turf for your children’s play area.

Safe, Secure & Fun

Through the construction of an underlayment system to decrease injuries from falls, we create an environment that is safer than abrasive surfaces like wood chips, concrete, or other hard surfaces. When designing a turf system for a play area, we calculate the amount of foam padding needed to minimize the risk of injury. Our underlayment systems are designed to protect children from falls as high as 12 feet. All our artificial turf products are suitable for safe play areas.


What’s your vision for the perfect putting green? At Next 2 Natural, one of our favorite types of backyard accents to install are putting greens. They provide a fun way to work on your game, reduce stress, and improve focus. Our putting greens are built for years of worry-free enjoyment. They are very durable, maintain their look for years, and can include all the features you want in a putting green for an added challenge.

Quality Design & Installation

We can design the perfect putting green or bocce ball court with the perfect grade turf to best mimic the conditions of your sport of choice. Our turf will not fade or degrade over time and requires minimal maintenance to keep looking great. No mowing or watering… just years of worry-free enjoyment for you and your guests.


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